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Conferences and Workshops

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About our conferences and workshops

Janelia conferences and workshops are small, highly specialized meetings that foster conversation, collaboration and inspiration within our vibrant research environment.

Anyone can apply to join our Conferences. Applicants must register and submit a brief research abstract relevant to the meeting topic. Conference organizers select participants based on evaluation of abstract submissions. All attendees are expected to be active members of the research field and to present their work in a talk or poster format.

Our Junior Scientist Workshops are intense, specialized meetings specifically for students and postdocs. Participants are selected based on evaluation of application materials, including CVs, research abstracts, answers to thought questions and reference letters. Janelia covers the cost of travel, meals and accommodation for all successful applicants.

Supporting families with conference childcare

Janelia is committed to enabling parents to attend our conferences and workshops. We offer onsite childcare through our Children's Learning Laboratory and offer  guest house accommodations to families and caregivers. Read more »


The Janelia conference experience

Loren Looger and Rich Mooney — a Janelia group leader and a Duke University neurobiologist — share their thoughts on a conference experience like no other.     Read more »