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Community Relations

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About Us / Community Relations

Janelia Community Relations assists with building the bridge between Janelia's employees and the local community through educational and charitable experiences.
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Community Relations
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Since 2006, Janelia has become an active member of the Loudoun County community. In addition to working here, many of our staff live and send their children to schools within the county. Some serve in leadership roles in local organizations.

Janelia regularly opens its doors to the greater community through a public lecture series called Dialogues, which often includes special features for high school students. To further foster area students, Janelia is proud to provide approximately $1 million in annual support for science education through the Loudoun County School District.

In addition, Janelia is pleased to attract international scientific and mainstream media to Loudoun County. Hosting roughly two dozen conferences annually, Janelia regularly exposes some of the world’s best scientists to this vibrant area and its potential for scientific and technical advancement.


ScienceXplorers is a new science outreach initiative that expands upon the Institute’s open science mission – making scientific research and its dissemination accessible to everyone.

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A public lecture series hosted by the Janelia Research Campus. HHMI Researchers and labs across the country share their work. Serious, insightful, funny, and often personal talks offer a window into how science works.

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